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Managers’ Associations Jointly Reject SAGAFTRA Code

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Managers’ Associations Jointly Reject SAGAFTRA Code

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 24, 2014 ‐‐ As the only United States trade associations representing the
interests of personal managers and their artist clients, the Music Managers Forum – US (MMF‐US),
the National Conference of Personal Managers (NCOPM) and the Talent Managers Association
(TMA) are pleased to issue the following joint statement:

The SAG‐AFTRA Personal Manager Code of Ethics and Conduct, announced by the labor union on
March 4, 2014, is neither acceptable to nor endorsed by our associations.
The associations exist to promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, to protect
the interests of the artists we support, and to contribute to the prosperity and the greater good of
our industry.

Our associations disapprove of the manner in which the labor union developed, adopted and
disseminated the SAG‐AFTRA Personal Manager Code of Ethics and Conduct, which we believe
lacked credibility, sincerity and truthfulness.

Although the labor union stated: “SAG‐AFTRA looks forward to establishing a closer, mutually
beneficial relationship with this community to advance the needs of all concerned,” our associations
believe that the SAG‐AFTRA Personal Manager Code of Ethics and Conduct adversely affects the
needs of personal managers, their artist clients and the entertainment industry. Not only is their
Code too disruptive to a manager’s ability to work with and communicate with artists, it includes
SAG/AFTRA’s own legal interpretation of laws relating to managers and agents that would
discourage managers from taking on developmental clients, especially those without agency
representation. Further, SAG/AFTRA has no vetting process, allowing anyone to receive approval
despite a poor reputation, history of poor service or worse.

For these reasons and more, our respective associations do not endorse the newly established SAGAFTRA
Personal Manager Code of Ethics and Conduct.


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